Click here below to replay the live stream of the conference on 5th December. 

The Conference

The Conference was opened by the Austrian Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology Norbert Hofer and by Commissioner Julian King in charge of the Security Union.
The different aspects of the theme “demonstrating the impact of EU-funded security research” were debated at the SRE 2018 Conference during two high-level panels taking place on the 5th of December:

  • "Making Europe a safer place: demonstrating the impact of security research – Challenges and barriers". The debate in the first panel, was focused on the challenges of communicating, disseminating and exploiting security research outcomes: How can research address the policy requirement and/or the functional need expressed by the practitioners? How to enable the establishment of appropriate synergies among different research initiatives? And how to engage with public and private investors in view of further uptake?

  •  "Projects Afterlife: From the lab to real life". This second panel looked at the potential mechanisms to optimise the uptake and re-use of security research results, including other EU funding programmes (ISF, IBMF, EFSI etc.), the possible instruments to track commercialised project spin-offs, as well as the role of the EU Agencies in supporting direct and indirect uptake of project outcomes.

On the 6th of December, eight thematic panels focused on specific issues such as addressing multi-country disaster situations, citizens awareness in the context of security research, management of dematerialised borders, cybercrime, maritime security, protection of public spaces, radicalisation and response to terrorist attacks.


Square - Brussels Meeting Centre,

rue Mont des Arts,

1000 Brussels